terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009


Mousy and Lissencephaly

Do you know that smell of dirty diaper or the smell that the baby have after he burps? Or that anoing sound he makes when we dont do what he wants? And that beautiful smiles he makes when he feel us around or we kiss him? Or the "i want to go to your lap" cry? How can we preserve that, like a photo or a video? How can we save the smells and the sensations that only we know our childes gave to us? How can we live the rest of our lives without trying this again after they gain their wings? How will we survive to their departure? I know for sure that i'll miss every single smelly diaper, every single cry, every single night without sleep...i already do. I know sometimes i say that i'm going crazy and that i'm tired of all this, but they are things in that moment and that pass right away..._Mousy smiles and all goes away. I love him so much...cant imagine what life will be without him.

domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

Christmas and gastroenteritis

Mousy and Lissencephaly

Mousy is doing fine during the day, but the nights are very hard. The IS dont let him sleep, so sometimes we need to use the SOS meds.
But, beside that, Mousy is fine. He recieved many gifts in Christmas, 2 soft blankets, a music box that project stars in the ceiling, among others. And from the day care, Mousy brought a portrait that has a very cute photo.
Now we are with a gastroenteritis...first me, then dad...hope it doesnt strike Mousy.

terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Mousy is at the hospital

quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

Bad dreams

Mousy and Lissencephaly

Last night i had a very strange dream. I dream that i was walking with Mousy and stopped to do something. I toke my eyes off him 10 seconds and he desaperes and then, boom, the cenary change. I was near water but still looking for him. Then i jump into the water and he was drowning. I saved him.
I think that i'm dreaming this things because a "little friend" of our lissencephaly group died recently and i'm working more outside our house. I sincerely think that i'm the only person that knows how to take care of him (i know that this is very neurotic) and am afraid that something happens if i'm not with him...maybe is because of this that i'm having this strange dream.